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Ankara, Turkey
The school complex, originally designed by our office in 1994 was actually planned for 1425 students with a 17.600m2 total construction area. This design comprised of a block for grades 1-5 and preparatory school, a block for grades 6-11, a block for sports facilities with a swimming pool and a block for conference and administrative functions. However, only the A block having a 8,565m2 in area with 4 storeys and a basement floor has been built in 1995-1996. Education in this block is being carried out since the 1996-1997 educational period. The remaining unbuilt 3 blocks have been redesigned in 2009-2010, updating the design brief to cope with the recent regulations in education system and the school’s new requirements. In the new design, the elementary school, sports hall and the multi-purpose hall have been designed as a single building in two blocks. The construction has been planned to start in June, 2010 and to be completed in September 2011, to be ready for the 2011-2012 educational year.
A Block consists of 36 classrooms for grades 6-8 and 9-12, 2 music rooms, 2 paint workshops, 5 laboratories, 4 hobby rooms, enclosed gymnasium designed with appropriate size for volleyball games, café, dining hall, administration and a library. The library comprises the crown of the building with administration and the inner courtyard in the center separates the above mentioned age groups from each other. The classrooms are specialized according to their subjects, and teacher rooms are designed in adjacency to enhance efficiency in learning. The administrative functions in the building are enclosed with transparent partitions in order to encourage student-teacher relations.
B Block consists of 25 large classrooms, 6 small classrooms, 3 laboratories and a dining hall and C Block houses a library, sports hall and a 600 person Multi Purpose Hall. Any educational and technical services not included in these blocks are provided from A Block.
The complex has been designed on a site with limited area. The new building with 3 storeys and a basement has been designed with reference to the existing building in order to maintain an integral design which all comprise a character unique to the school. Each block has separate entrance which enables them to function independently, while having interconnections within. Effort is given to separate the education and play areas of different age groups. Sun control have been provided with louvres oriented as per direction of sunlight in typical frames.
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